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An Islamic lifestyle app for practicing Islamic rituals on daily basis . A full-fledged Islamic App (Bangla Islamic App) on the way to Madinah for Bengali speaking Muslims. This Islamic app is decorated with various Islamic books, wajs and other features, starting from scheduling prayers, Al Quran, Al Hadith, rules of prayer, Qibla compass, Sehri and Iftar time, Dua and Zikir, Daily Amal, Masla Masael.

Madinar Pathe App

Madinar Pathe: Nurturing Faith and Knowledge

In today’s fast-paced digital world, where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, technology is not only connecting people but also bridging the gap between faith and modernity. For those seeking to strengthen their spiritual connection and deepen their understanding of Islam, the Madinar Pathe Bangla Islamic App, brought to you by the Tazkia Foundation, stands as a powerful resource and a guiding light.

A Digital Sanctuary of Faith

In a world where distractions are abundant and time is a valuable resource, the Madinar Pathe app emerges as a digital sanctuary for those who wish to embark on a journey of faith, knowledge, and spiritual enlightenment. Rooted in the rich tradition of Islamic teachings and thought, this app has become a trusted companion for Bengali-speaking Muslims seeking to strengthen their relationship with Allah and their understanding of the religion.

Unlocking the Treasures of Islamic Knowledge

The Madinar Pathe app serves as a treasure trove of Islamic knowledge, offering users access to a vast collection of Islamic books, articles, and resources. From the Quran and Hadith to scholarly interpretations and insightful articles, the app provides an invaluable platform for individuals to expand their understanding of Islam and its teachings.

Prayers, Duas, and Daily Reminders

In our daily lives, it can be challenging to maintain a consistent connection with our faith. However, the Madinar Pathe app simplifies this process by providing a plethora of Islamic resources at your fingertips. From daily prayers (Salat) and supplications (Duas) to reminders for important Islamic dates and events, the app ensures that your faith remains an integral part of your daily routine.

Guidance from Respected Scholars

One of the standout features of the Madinar Pathe app is the inclusion of lectures, sermons, and writings from respected Islamic scholars. Users can listen to enlightening sermons that offer guidance on various aspects of life, seek answers to their questions, and gain valuable insights from scholars who have dedicated their lives to the study and dissemination of Islamic knowledge.

Community and Support

In addition to being a repository of Islamic knowledge, the Madinar Pathe app fosters a sense of community and support among its users. It provides a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, share their experiences, and seek guidance. This sense of belonging and unity strengthens the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood among the app’s users.

A Pathway to Spiritual Growth

As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, an app like Madinar Pathe is a beacon of hope and a means to cultivate spiritual growth. It encourages users to embark on a continuous journey of self-improvement, mindfulness, and spiritual enrichment, ultimately leading them closer to Allah and His divine wisdom.

In a time when technology often distracts us from our spiritual pursuits, the Madinar Pathe Bangla Islamic App by the Tazkia Foundation offers a refreshing and much-needed balance. It empowers individuals to integrate their faith seamlessly into their digital lives, fostering a deeper understanding of Islam and a stronger connection with Allah. So, whether you’re seeking knowledge, spiritual solace, or a sense of community, Madinar Pathe invites you to embark on a transformative journey of faith and discovery.

Features of Madinar Pathe App

  • Namaj Time – Namaz time schedule

In addition to the 5-time prayer schedule (Salat time), different types of nafal prayer times, prohibited prayer times can be known on the home screen of the app.

  • Al Quran – Quran Sharif

The whole 30 paras of Quran Majeed (Quran Sharif) are in this part. 114 Surahs of the Holy Quran (Quran Sura) have been inserted in different chapters so that the reader can read this Quran very easily.

  • Al Hadith Bangla – Al Hadith

Hadith Sharif is the words, actions or approval of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This section contains selections (Bangla Hadis) translated from the books of Sihah Sittah and other hadiths.

  • Qibla Compass – Qibla Finder

With Qibla Compass or Qibla Finder you can easily find the direction of Kaaba Sharif. It becomes very difficult for us to determine the Qibla of prayer when we go to an unfamiliar area. By using this app you can easily know the direction of Kaaba Sharif.

  • Namaj shikkha – Prayer lessons with images

It is obligatory upon every Muslim to learn prayer. Namaj Shikkha section contains the rules of praying correctly with pictures, all the issues of prayer, farz, sunnat, wajib, mustahab. The whole is like a prayer teaching book.

  • Dua and Zikir – Dua Collection

Masnun Dua and Zikir is Hisnul Muslim (Hisnul Muslim) or Muslim’s fortress. Namaz and dua are most beneficial in times of calamity or calamity. Moreover, in daily life, there is an act of prayer in every work. (Darud sharif) Deeds and virtues of Darud Sharif, more rewards in a short deed, morning and evening prayers and dhikr, morning and evening deeds, prayers, dua kunut, dua for freedom from danger, dua for sleeping, dua for ablution, dua for Istikhara, dua for Quran and hadith. Innumerable dhikr Azkar with prayers.

  • Sehri and Iftar Time Table – Sehri Iftar Time Table

As this app has the Perpetual Calendar of Namaz and Fast (Namaj o rojar somoy suchi) you will also get the Perpetual Calendar of Sehri and Iftar very easily. Just open the app and you can see Sehri end time and Iftar time.

  • Islamic Books – Islamic Books in Bangla

Islam is the most important in the life of a Muslim. There are rules of Islam everywhere. And to know all these rules, there is no comparison of reading Islamic books. In this app there is a collection of different Islamic books (Bangla Islamic Books) including Shariat, Marefat, Darood Sharif, Zikir Azkar, Masla Masael Kitab.

  • Nearest Mosque – Mosque finder

We often have to stay outside for various reasons. Finding out the address of a mosque in an unfamiliar place becomes quite difficult. Through Mosque finder option, you can easily know where the mosque is nearby.

  • Amal Tracker – Daily Amal Tracker

Deeds and virtues were not found, but what was done? Many of us are looking for amol korar book. If you have a list of what you want to practice and that list itself tells you what you have done throughout the day, then there is no need to look for a practice book. Through Amol Tracker, you can reduce or increase the list of daily activities according to your wish.

  • Arbi bangla english calendar – Arbi bangla english calendar

Bengali English Arabic Calendar is attached to this app. As a result, you will see these three dates simultaneously in the home menu.

  • Masla Masayel – Masla Masayel

From the Masala Masael book, there are many useful Fiqh issues including Iman, Namaz, Fasting, Hajj, Zakat Fitra, Masala related to Menstruation and Nafs, Rules of Wudu, Rules of Farj Ghusl, Rules of Tayammum, Rules of Eid Prayers.

  • Asking Islamic questions

There is also a golden opportunity to learn Islamic questions and answers directly from respected scholars who are experts in Fatwa and Tabs.

Apart from this, there are Bangla waz videos, Tasbeeh counting, various Islamic days, various Islamic posts or articles and notification facilities.

We want your Islamic life to become complete by using this Bengali Islamic app.

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NameMadinar Pathe
ByTazkia Foundation
Requires Android6.0
CategoryLifestyle App

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In a world where the boundaries between the digital and the divine often blur, the Madinar Pathe Bangla Islamic App, graciously offered by the Tazkia Foundation, stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of faith and technology. This remarkable app has opened new avenues for Bengali-speaking Muslims to deepen their spiritual journey, enrich their understanding of Islam, and forge meaningful connections with their faith community.

As we conclude our exploration of the Madinar Pathe app, we find ourselves inspired by its dedication to nurturing faith, knowledge, and unity. It serves as a digital sanctuary where seekers of spiritual growth can access a wealth of Islamic wisdom, from the Quran and Hadith to the teachings of revered scholars. Through daily prayers, supplications, and enlightening sermons, users are provided with the tools to maintain a consistent connection with their faith, regardless of the demands of their modern lives.

However, Madinar Pathe is not merely an app; it is a bridge that connects hearts and minds. It fosters a sense of community, allowing users to share experiences, seek guidance, and support one another on their individual journeys of faith. In a world often characterized by division, this sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among app users is a testament to the unifying power of technology when harnessed for a higher purpose.

In essence, Madinar Pathe serves as a pathway to spiritual growth, mindfulness, and self-improvement. It is a reminder that faith can thrive in the digital age, and that technology can be a means to deepen our connection with Allah and His teachings. As users continue to engage with this invaluable resource, they are encouraged to embark on a lifelong journey of discovery and enlightenment.

The Madinar Pathe Bangla Islamic App, brought to us by the Tazkia Foundation, reaffirms the idea that faith and technology can not only coexist but also thrive together, enriching the lives of those who seek spiritual enlightenment in a modern world. It stands as a beacon of hope, guiding users along the path of faith, knowledge, and unity, and reminding us all of the enduring power of belief in the digital age.

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