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Traffic Racer Mod Apk Hack: Have you ever played an endless arcade racing game and thought to yourself, “This is great, but I wish there was more to it”? Well, your wish has been granted with Traffic Racer. In this game, you’ll not only be racing against other drivers, but also trying to earn cash and upgrade your car. There are also global leaderboards, so you can see how you stack up against the best of the best. If you’re looking for a new challenge in the world of endless racing games, then look no further than Traffic Racer.

About Traffic Racer Mod Apk

Have you ever been stuck in traffic, feeling frustrated and angry at the other drivers? Well, now there’s a game that lets you vent those feelings in a safe and fun way – Traffic Racer!

In this game, you must navigate a busy roadway, avoiding all the other cars and trucks until you crash. There are more than fifteen different vehicles to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. You can play in four different game modes, all with the same goal – to drive as fast as you can and weave through traffic until you make a mistake.

One of the best features of Traffic Racer is the online high scoreboard. Here, you can compare your best times with other players from all over the world. So if you’re looking for a challenging and entertaining racing game, be sure to check out Traffic Racer!

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Features of Traffic Racer Mod Apk

  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Smooth and realistic car handling
  • 40+ different cars to choose from
  • 5 detailed environments: suburb, desert, snowy, rainy and city night
  • 5 game modes: Endless, Two-Way, Time Trial, Police Chase and Free Ride
  • Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.
  • Basic customization through paint and wheels
  • Online Leaderboards and Achievements


If you’re a fan of car games, then you’re going to love Traffic Racer MOD APK. In this game, you can dive with 40+ new cars, and most of them are customizable. You can change the wheels, paint the cars, and even upgrade the engine to a high-horsepower model. Plus, if you want to finish the race quickly, you can increase the car’s power. So if you’re looking for a new car game to play, definitely check out Traffic Racer MOD APK.


The Traffic Racer Hack APK is one of the most popular racing games out there. It is known for its beautiful 3D design and its attention to detail. The game is also simple to use and manipulate. However, everything is still lovely and a good experience. Your experience will be identical to that of a real-life race due to the high sound quality and accuracy.

Unlimited Gold

You can now buy any car you want in the traffic racing game without spending any money. This game includes over 40 different racing and driving sports automobiles to pick from. Every car is superior to the others.

With the modified version of the traffic racing game, you will receive unlimited gold and cash. This will enable you to change the color of your vehicles, as well as personalize your vehicle’s rims for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now and enjoy an endless supply of gold and cash.

Numerous Weather Conditions

Have you ever wanted to race through different terrains and environments, without having to leave the comfort of your home? Well, now there’s a game for that! Traffic Racer lets you choose from numerous tracks, including suburbia, snowfall, desert, and even a rainy road. You can also earn more in-game currency by biking in the snow, rain, or at night. But beware, as the developers have studied the impact of the road on vehicle handling. During strong curves and sudden shifts, a layer of snow and wet asphalt might cause a loss of control. Your visibility will be significantly hampered at night. So make sure to keep your headlights on and be extra careful when playing in this mode.


  • The faster you drive the more scores you get
  • When driving over 100 kmh, overtake cars closely to get bonus scores and cash
  • Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode gives extra score and cash

Traffic Racer will be updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.

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Traffic Racer Mod Apk Hack Version Download

Are you looking for a way to get ahead in the game Traffic Racer? If so, you may be interested in downloading the Traffic Racer Mod Apk Hack Version. This version of the game has been modified to allow you to get ahead much faster than the regular version.

If you are not familiar with Traffic Racer, it is a racing game where you must avoid oncoming traffic while trying to reach the finish line as fast as possible. The game is quite challenging and can be quite frustrating at times.

The Traffic Racer Mod Apk Hack Version allows you to get ahead by providing you with unlimited nitro boosts. This will allow you to reach the finish line much faster than before. It also comes with other features such as unlocked cars and tracks.

If you are looking for a way to get ahead in Traffic Racer, then you should definitely download the Traffic Racer Mod Apk Hack Version. It will allow you to get ahead much faster and will also provide you with other benefits.

  • Visit ApkPockets Homepage and you can search the name of the app.
  • Now, open the page and you can see the download button. Click on it.
  • Once you click on the download button, the app starts downloading on your device.
  • Then open Traffic Racer Mod Apk and find the APK file.
  • Click on the Traffic Racer Mod Apk. If you already install the free version then uninstall it.
  • Click on the setting option and enable the “Unknown Source” if disabled.
  • Tap on Install and you can use the app.

Apk Download

User Reviews

# What can I say: This is a really great endless drive game. -Great graphics -Few ads(6 sec ads or 30 sec for extra $) -Controls are great with the option to change control scheme -Great music -Lots of cars, each with their own sound The only negative is probably the customization. Its very limited. -Car color -Rim types -Decals (only on the front doors) Thats it for customization; kinda wish there was some body kits or spoilers.

# Love this game. Great experience, good gameplay. Absolutely a very good game to play. But the reason why I rated this a four star is because there needs to be some improvements. 1, is that you need to raise up the money that you receive after playing a round. 2, is that you need to get rid of traffic blocking literally every single lane because it’s annoying to slow down and then be right behind a car waiting for an open space. And finally 3, you need to make it external controller syncable.

# okay when I started playing the game it was fine. But as time went on I began to get better at it. and it’s okay for game to evolve I suppose, but this game seems to be doing the impossible in the police chase which takes the fun out of the game. OK guy’s it’s not real to have the car skip two lanes to change lanes. and also to push me into a crash. so if you would be so kind as to delete these sequences I can continued to enjoy police chase. thank you.

How do I upgrade my vehicle in Traffic Racer?

In Traffic Racer, the upgrade system allows you to improve your cars by spending money earned during the game. Speed improvement is one of the best upgrades because it allows you to gain points for distance traveled faster. Handling is also beneficial for improved vehicle control, but it is not required. Brakes assist you in slowing down to avoid collisions with other vehicles. They’re already really good at the base level, so this isn’t the most useful enhancement.


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